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Inspired by my lovely "ungirlfriend" who... had a lot of feelings. Ahem!

1. X Japan – Say Anything (Acoustic Live)
Just tell me all of your sweet lies...
Taken from an X show from 1995, when everything was peaches and roses and Yoshiki serenaded Toshi on the piano like a goddamn lounge singer. Things went to hell in 1997, but Yoshiki emerged, and ten years later in 2007, Toshi came to his senses, divorced his wife, and joined up with Yoshiki again. It’s never too late.

2. Shiro – Pearl
Aishiteiru mo, daikirai mo, sayonara mo...
This one should probably have context to it. I heard this song in 2002, a few years after the dissolution of X. It was Yoshiki’s first return to the stage since 1999, and he was grinning the entire fucking time. Despite losing both his best friends, he smiled like gold, like he knew things could only get better. The refrain, in English: “I love you, and I hate you, and I’m saying goodbye… just remember.”

3. Snow Patrol – Take Back the City
One perfect partner, one eternal kiss...
Just a great anthem for anyone breaking away. It makes me think of Kris when he’s in Los Angeles by himself, and free.

4. Texas – Like Lovers (Holding On)
Will you be here when the lights come on?
Did you ever see TITAN A.E.? It’s a cheesy animated Sci-Fi film. This song is played when it’s important about keeping faith alive, even after a whole planet has died.

5. InMe – Raindrops On Stones
It can't work; it won't work; the work's too much work; but it can't hurt...
This is the one song that Dave McPherson sings that I CANNOT separate from my fictional character Nicky. It’s just too perfect, in sound and subject, and it’s about acknowledging lateness that can still lead to “finding it all again”.

6. Pippin Cast – Morning Glow
We'll be present at the birth of old faith looking new
Pippin was the greatest theatre experience I’ve ever had. I was 14, and I didn’t really have any friends, but when I stood on that stage and belted out the harmonies in this song, it was like belonging to something bigger than myself. It was like finding meaning.

7. Hole – Never Go Hungry
It's time for me to make a stand... yeah, it's time for me to be a man
Courtney Love is not a great singer, but this is a great song, and it speaks volumes about someone going through hell and deciding not to take it anymore.

8. David Bowie – Where Are We Now?
As long as there's me... as long as there's you
You know this one.

9. Oblivion Dust – Never Ending
Don't you be afraid-- I'll never let you fade
I play this song on the freeway when everything sucks. Despite distance, some feelings never go away.

10. The Venus in Furs – 2HB
Finding, not keeping, is the lesson
The name of the song is actually the letters that correspond to the jukebox song at the end of VELVET GOLDMINE, which is a movie I wish I had written. It’s the essence of living forever thanks to immortalized rock and roll. “Your cigarette traces a ladder to the stars…” People leave things behind, including affairs, and often the art they made during those times brings them back. That’s what art is for.

11. Abandoned Pools – Maybe Then Someday
Maybe then we'll make it right
I used to listen to this when I thought the prospect of ever talking to Yoshiki or seeing him was completely hopeless.

12. Dishwalla – Above the Wreckage
Surrender for the last time.
Just can’t get enough of this one. The whole album is golden and inspirational, but this one in particular makes me think of someone who was condemned to some destructive situation and didn’t let it kill them. It also makes me feel creative. And hey, I wrote a book about X and then they got back together!

13. August Rush – August’s Rhapsody
Remember how we talked about ten years? This movie is incredibly cheesy, but the music speaks to me for reasons I think you’ll understand. We fucked up! But ten years later…

14. Declan Bennett – Love Wins
I want love to win so bad
As depressing as this song is, it’s still what I hear every time I want to see love win. It’s repeated in my head like a mantra. “Let love win. Let love win.” And hey, even if it doesn’t, at least there’s the story, right?

15. Kinya Koyani – Glaring Dream
Glaring one way
The closing theme of GRAVITATION. Need I say more? ;)



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Dec. 8th, 2015 01:50 am (UTC)
Happy Birthday 2015!
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